Friday, 8 May 2009

Billboards – Any Good Locations?

When the Campaign launches on Monday, 7 September 2009, eight billboard sites in Belfast will be displaying our message.

Given the fact that we plan to hold Regional Rallies, not only in Belfast, but also in Londonderry, Armagh, Enniskillen, Ballymena, Newry, Lisburn and Dungannon, can anyone familiar with these areas suggest a prime site(s) for billboards either in - or leading into - these locations?

If you are aware of an excellent site, please note down the billboard sponsor (Clear Channel, CBS, etc.) and post the details of location up here.

Information Leaflet

These information leaflets were distributed at Presbytery on Friday night past. They outline the Plan of Action for our Outreach Endeavour in September/October.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Information Pack For Churches

An 'Information Pack' about our Campaign was distributed to our various churches at our Presbytery meeting on Friday, 1 May 2009.

The pack contains:


Entitled 'Doing Something More For God,' this is a tri-fold leaflet that outlines the details of our Campaign. The aim is to get one of these into the hand of every one who attends our churches in Northern Ireland. 12,000 have been printed – and there are very few left!


(This is the first Video in a line of three that can be viewed on the top left of this Blog). After I showed a Powerpoint Presentation on the Campaign at a previous Presbytery Meeting, several ministers asked me if I would come to their churches and show this presentation. Unfortunately, time does not permit me to do this - spare time is currently being used in organising the many elements of the Campaign.

However, I have run off this short DVD (16 minutes approx.) that explains the Campaign and will - hopefully - encourage our people to contribute to the costs of staging such an outreach. This DVD may be shown to your congregation at a midweek meeting.

I am reliably informed (!) that the 100+ young people who attended the recent Truth for Youth weekend at Castlewellan Castle were 'treated' to a showing of this DVD ... thanks to Rev. David Smith, a member of our Campaign Team!


This DVD is a copy of a message I preached from John 21:15-17 in Londonderry, designed to encourage our people to commit themselves to this Campaign.
I am certainly not suggesting that this message is excellent, but if your church has a facility for copying DVDs, copies of this message can be distributed in a further effort to encourage all our people to become involved.


We are offering professionally printed banners to our churches in a choice of three sizes. These will present the gospel, advertise our campaign, and help publicise any local endeavour your church may have planned for the autumn.