Friday, 28 August 2009

A Battle Cry From William Booth!

"A battle cry has gone forth!

The trumpets of the angelic host have sounded!

God's people must enter into the fray!

The church must awaken to the cry of heaven and fight God's causes here on earth!"

... So reads the blurb that has been posted on YouTube to attract attention to a presentation of some of the words of William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army.

This 3-minute excerpt is an excellent, soul-stirring battle cry to action in the cause of Christ. The words "must-listen" have suffered through over-usage ... not in this case!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Consider Christ on SERMON AUDIO

Recently, I opened a new page on Sermon Audio with a view to posting short recordings to which we could link for our 'Consider Christ' Campaign.

This new Sermon Audio site is called, 'Consider Christ Campaign' and can be found here:


Mr Robert Campbell, currently serving the Lord for a six month period in Tasmania, Australia, has produced 4 x 5-minute recordings on the following important Gospel topics:

1. What is sin?

2. Who is Jesus?

3. What is the Gospel?

4. Saved?

This site is advertised on our 'Consider Christ' Tract #2 ... and will also be one of the links that we put onto our main evangelistic site:

Copies Of Information DVD Available!

I have some copies left of the 'Information DVD' that outlines the plans and aims for the 'Doing Something More For God' Campaign.

If you would like one to play (it's only 16 minutes) at your Prayer Group, or in your own home, please contact me through our site on Facebook:

Or simply email me using the contact details at Sermon Audio:


Then scroll down to the email contact in 'Broadcaster Information.'

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Consider Christ Campaign – Tract #2

The second tract for the 'Consider Christ' Campaign is now edited.

The challenge for the design team @ Vision Solutions NI was to produce a leaflet that was instantly recognisable as belonging to our Campaign materials, and yet would be sufficiently different so that people who received the first tract through the post would not be tempted to say to our outreach teams who come to their door with Tract #2 – "Ah, I've already got that one!"

Once again the brand new machinery of the Every Home Crusade will be put to extensive use in printing and folding 300,000 copies of this leaflet.

This has been assigned to churches for distribution in their local areas.

Its message is based on the words of Isaiah 55:1-3. Written by Rev. Colin Mercer, this tract asks the question of its reader as to whether or not he or she is ‘Running On Empty?’

'Consider Christ' Banner on Display

The 'Consider Christ' banner for Londonderry FPC was put up on Monday evening, 24 August.

This banner faces directly onto the front entrance to our 24-hour Tescos store, providing a witness to countless thousands of people per week.

I received a text from someone who saw the banner for the first time tonight – "Banner looks lethal from Tesco! Some size! I can read it alright from door."

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Facebook Group Mushrooms To 300+

Some time back I opened a new group on Facebook to promote our Evangelistic Campaign – 'Doing Something More For God.'

The membership of this group had grown steadily ... until this past weekend when it has 'mushroomed' from 170 to 320+ members!

On Friday, 21 August, a rallying cry was issued to the members of the Group:

"Ian Brown is looking for help to get the membership of 'Doing Something More For God' boosted from 170 to over 200. The reasoning is simple – the more people we have in the group, the more people we have committed to pray for this important Gospel project! Can we do it? Please encourage your friends to sign up."

The response was phenomenal!

My next post re this stated:

"Many thanks to all of you who have encouraged others to join this 'Doing Something More For God' Group on Facebook! To those who have 'come on board' within the last day or so ..... WELCOME, and thanks for joining!! Given the fact that more than 50 people signed up within the last 48 hours, bringing the total membership to 220+, my original target of 200 seems small. What do you think ... let's push on for 300?? Please encourage your friends to register – and, more especially, offer prayer for the Campaign. Start date is Monday 7 September. I've the first draft of the second tract on my laptop now ... plus a sample of how the internet site ( is going to look. This should be going active this week!"

Within one day, the 300-barrier was also passed. Currently the Group has 327 members.

If you wish to join, please follow the link (in orange) above – and let's continue earnest in prayer that our God would wonderfully bless His own work to His own glory!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Spurgeon's Challenge To Work Hard

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the renowned preacher of London in the 1800s, was not only a gifted leader, but was a hard worker.

For instance, each week he:

• preached several times,
• trained pastors in the pastor’s college,
• wrote many letters (“I’m immersed to my chin in letters”),

• led an elders’ meeting,

• conducted a prayer meeting,
• counseled numbers of new believers preparing for baptism,
• read from volumes of Puritan theology,

• edited both his printed sermon and 'The Sword and the Trowel' magazine,

• wrote a few chapters in one of his 150 books,

• squared off against some heresy,

• buried a few members,

• entertained many guests,
• and visited his orphans at the orphan home established by the church.

“A man cannot be idle and yet have Christ’s sweet company,” he once wrote.
“Christ is a quick walker, and when His people would talk with Him they must travel quickly too, or else they will soon lose His company.”

Spurgeon stated that he believed in Adam Clark’s adage: “Kill yourself with labour, and then pray yourself alive again.”

Spurgeon wore himself out with his labours, dying at the age of 57.

But would he have it any other way?

“If I have any message to give from my own bed of sickness, it would be this—if you do not wish to be full of regrets when you are obliged to lie still, work while you can.

If you desire to make a sick bed as soft as it can be, do not stuff it with mournful reflections that you wasted time while you were in health and strength.

People said to me years ago, ‘You will break your constitution down with preaching ten times a week,’ and the like.

Well, if I have done so I am glad of it. I would do the same again. If I had fifty
constitutions I would rejoice to break them down in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You young men that are strong, overcome the wicked one and fight for the Lord while you can.

You will never regret having done all that lies in you for our blessed Lord and Master.

Crowd as much as you can into every day, and postpone no work till tomorrow.

‘Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might.’”

Spurgeon presents to us a massive challenge to, 'Do Something More For God'!