Saturday, 15 August 2009

Church Banners Ready To Go!

Vision Solutions NI have completed work on the banners that advertise our 'Consider Christ' Campaign.

These have been made available to churches to display – a tremendous method of getting the vital message of the Gospel of Christ to the many people who will be passing our church buildings.

In most cases, an additional line has been inserted at the bottom of each banner that relates to Special Meetings that have been planned for the local congregation.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Final Leg for Tracts

After a quick-fire round of 'exchanges' between Jonny Aiken (pic above) and myself, Tract #1 is ready for its print run on Monday. This will be delivered into 741,000 households throughout Northern Ireland, commencing Monday, 7 September.

On a further positive note, the Royal Mail personnel who have read this tract in preparation for their 'Door-to-Door' drop have made some very complimentary comments about it – "the best we have ever delivered on this subject."

We pray that our God will greatly use its contents to the conversion of many who are lost.