Friday, 4 December 2009

'Consider Christ' Tracts – Christmas Edition

As a further extension of our 'Consider Christ' Campaign, a third tract will be coming off the presses of our printers on Monday morning.

This tract is a Christmas version.

We are mindful of the facts that:

• Many churches operate an outreach programme throughout the year, and often look for something that is themed for Christmas – in Londonderry, we go over into our city centre on the Saturday / Sunday before Christmas and have found that people are very receptive at this time of year;

• It will breathe fresh life into the ‘Consider Christ’ Campaign (complementing the bus adverts that are still going strong) - and helps keep the Lord Jesus Christ in the minds of the people;

• It can be used by our people who may wish to circulate the tracts in their own neighbourhoods / place them inside Christmas cards / etc..

May the Lord be pleased to favour this latest evangelistic venture with His blessing!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Bishop J.C. Ryle on 'Considering Christ'

Today I have been thinking over a challenge from the former Bishop of Liverpool, J.C. Ryle:

"Let us cleave to Christ more closely,
love Him more heartily,
live to Him more thoroughly,
copy Him more exactly,
confess Him more boldly,
follow Him more fully."

(From 'Practical Religion' / 'Sickness' p.373).

These are exactly the motivating factors behind our 'Consider Christ' Campaign.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Consider Christ 'Christmas Tract' On Drawing Board

For the past 5 years, an outreach team from Londonderry FPC has gone onto the Cityside on the Lord's Day before Christmas Day to hand out thousands of Gospel Tracts.

I was working on a new Gospel tract today with a view to getting it published for use on our outreach this year.

Seems a shame not to make it an extension to our 'Consider Christ' Campaign – and make a further concentrated attempt at impacting our city for God.

Further news will follow ... .

Meeting With CBS Outdoor Rep (Bus Ad Man)

Last Thursday I was eventually able to meet up with Jeff Smith again, the man responsible for organising the bus and shoplite advertising for the 'Consider Christ' Campaign.

He works for CBS Outdoor - with whom we signed a contract this Spring to supply:

• 8 billboards in Belfast,

• 60 shoplites across the country,

• 1000+ ads inside and outside buses that run under the Translink banner.

He was checking that we were satisfied with the coverage achieved by the Campaign. To say the least, we are delighted with it ... and especially when messages are coming in each day from people who are still seeing the 'Consider Christ' adverts on the buses!

For example:

• Last Thursday evening, 10 buses were spotted by one person in central Belfast;

• On Saturday, 3 buses were seen in Belfast, parked by the side of the road.

• Other reports have come in from various parts of the country, confirming that the bus campaign is still going strong!