Saturday, 19 September 2009

Regional Rallies – 4 Rallies Next Week!

On Friday evening, 25 September 2009, 4 of our Regional Rallies will be held.

The four locations are in a 'diamond' formation across our country:


Lisneal College
70 Crescent Link Road
BT47 2DD


The Big Tent
Portadown Road [A3]
(Opposite Fruitfield Service Station –
Between Corcreevy Road and Legacorry Road)
Co. Armagh


Grove Wellbeing Centre
120 York Road
BT15 3HF


Devenish College
Algeo Drive
BT74 6JL

Each meeting begins @ 8:00pm and features an old-time Gospel Mission Service.

Please plan to be there – and bring your friends!

'Consider Christ' Featured in the 'Good News'

'Good News' is the name of the newsheet published by the Revival Movement Association.

In the September 2009 edition of this leaflet, our 'Consider Christ' Campaign receives prominent coverage

Several photographs of the production of our first tract are carried, in addition to an accompanying article that reads:

During the month of September the Free Presbyterian Church have arranged to hold a major Evangelistic campaign in Northern Ireland entitled 'Consider Christ.' They will be using various advertising means to conduct the campaign.

Part of the campaign is to place a Gospel Leaflet into Every Home, so we agreed to print and freely supply these leaflets for this Outreach programme. The Post Office required 741,000 copies for their delivery to each home.

This required us to print 13 reels of paper, each weighing 750 kgs – with a piece of new equipment we were able to print the reels in colour on both sides of the sheet.

Our delivery date was suddenly brought forward which meant all the leaflets had to be folded, packed and labelled in just a few days. This meant that we had teams working for two nights in order to complete the work.

Please pray for this major outreach – that many souls will be brought to the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour.

We are expecting to take delivery of 120 tonnes of paper costing over £60,000.00. Please continue to pray regarding all the financial needs of the ministry and that literature will continue to be a blessing.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams

Clive Allen.

Friday, 18 September 2009

The First Photos of 'Consider Christ' Bus Adverts!

Rev. Brian McClung, minister of Newtownabbey FPC, has sent me the first photos of the 'Consider Christ' adverts on buses.

He tells me that, "Some have been on since Thursday."

This is excellent, as the bus ads were not due to appear until Monday, 21 September.

The BIG question is .....

..... though they are booked for a 2 x week advertising cycle, how long after that will we still be able to spot some bus ads??!!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Tract #2 To Be Distributed Through Our Churches

A first look at the finished version of Tract #2.

This tract is a departure from the autumnal colours that characterised the designs for Tract #1, our billboards, shoplites and banners.

This was intentional, as we needed to make this tract recognisable as part of our 'Consider Christ' Campaign, and yet make it sufficiently different in appearance so that people would not think they had already received this copy.

Now for 300,000 of these to start combing their way across Ulster!

Tract #2 Coming Off The Presses!

I was able to witness part of the production of our 'Consider Christ' Tract #2 today while at the Revival Movement Association in Kinallen.

A view of the factory floor from an upper tier allowed me to see piles of our tracts, already printed and waiting to be trimmed and folded.

Demonstrations of both these processes were given before thousands of tracts were loaded into my car for distribution on the trip home.

(Flying) Visit to HQ of Revival Movement Assocation

As part of a 6+ hour road tour today, I called in at the new Headquarters of the Revival Movement Association – the gospel literature printing house that has been responsible for printing Tracts #1 and #2 for our 'Consider Christ' Campaign.

I had the honour of meeting some of the staff.

Unfortunately my notoriety went before me. They all seemed to have heard of me (!) - and instantly recognised me as the guy who forced round-the-clock shifts on them in a desperate effort to meet the Royal Mail deadline for presentation of our 750,000 tracts for door-to-door distribution.

"Oh, ... Ian Brown ... eh? ;)"!

My son Joel and I had a very enjoyable whirlwind tour of the new factory and stood mesmerised at the sight of the some of the machinery that was functioning at high capacity. However, the sound of the same machinery prevented any meaningful conversation – even with the resident blog-artist, Gary Boal!

Further photos can be viewed on our Facebook Group, 'Doing Something More For God.'

To all the staff at RMA, we send a heart-felt "Thank You!"

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Regional Rally Invitation Card

Today was the day when the design for the Invites to our 8 x Regional Rallies was finalised and approved for print.

It combines the autumnal colours that have been used on Tract #1, our Billboards/Shoplites/Bus Adverts, with the blue hues that appear on Tract #2 and our Website.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Let Us Pray!

With the Campaign now up and running – and the message of John 14:6 being proclaimed by billboards, shoplites, church banners and gospel tracts throughout our province – the need to pray is more pressing than ever!

At Londonderry FPC we have organised 4 x special sessions of prayer for the Campaign and our local mission that follows immediately after the 2 weekends of Regional Rallies.

During these times of prayer we have known the hand of the Lord among us. Many people have prayed in a public prayer meeting for the first time; others have laid hold on God after a long leave of absence; all of us who have been privileged to have been present at the sessions so far can testify to the nearness of God.

We long for that 'sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees' – our God at work in stirring hearts and saving souls.

Please continue to prevail with us at the Mercy Seat!

Consider Christ – A Message From The Moderator

The Moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church, Rev. Ron Johnstone (Newtownards), recently preached a message on the theme, 'Consider Christ.'

Tracing the three occasions in the Book of Hebrews when we are encouraged to Consider Christ, Rev. Johnstone has delivered a message with typically rich content.

Be sure to tune in.