Friday, 24 December 2010

Small Update to Website

The Consider Christ website has received a little 'facelift.'

The front page has been altered to include some clips from our outreach DVD.

Those who access the site will find some video as the stepping stone into the rest of the articles.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Consider Christ Now on Vimeo

We are now using Vimeo to host a number of video clips that were produced for our Consider Christ Outreach DVD.

Their own publicity states that, "Vimeo is
a respectful community of creative people who are passionate about sharing the videos they make."

Please check us out at:

And keep coming back - updates will be made whenever possible.

... Yet another means of sharing the Good News that is the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Incredible Outreach Opportunity

The opportunity to engage in open-air evangelism over the course of the Outreach Weekend was severely curtailed by the weather, diverting us from town centres to going door-to-door.

However, open-air meetings were conducted in Letterkenny, Donegal Town and Ballybofey (Co. Donegal) and in Dundalk and Drogheda (Co. Louth).

While each meeting underlined the providence and protection of God, none did more so than the opportunity that arose in Ballybofey.

The 15 people in this outreach group, making their way home to Co. Tyrone and Co. Londonderry, were delayed in leaving their base in Rossknowlagh through the length of time it took to clear the snow and ice from cars.

However, when we arrived in Ballybofey, drawing up in the carpark beside the famous McElhinney's store, we noticed a lorry that had been in use as a makeshift stage. A couple of men were setting up a sound system ... and we wondered ..... .

On asking permission to use the stage for a short Gospel service, we were directed to the office of the 'events manager,' who promptly agreed that we could make use of the stage. She explained that they had booked a brass band to perform during the time slot in which we had appeared; the band had been in contact to say that it would not be able to make it through the snow. Therefore 2o minutes were made available to us.

We commenced by singing, 'Would You Be Free From Your Burden of Sin, There's Power in the Blood,' gave our version (that's being kind to us!) of a few Christmas hymns, after which Rev. Jonathan Creane preached.

As we climbed down from the platform, a sense that God alone had opened this door for us was felt by all. We earnestly pray that our joy on earth will be combined with joy in heaven over a sinner in Ballybofey who may have been led to that repentance that day.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Brief Report on Outreach Weekend, 26-28 November

On Friday 26 November, two groups of volunteers, both young and old, converged on Rossknowlagh, Co Donegal, and Monaghan Town - our bases for outreach into the 5 Border Counties.

The plan was to present the Gospel under the 'Consider Christ' banner over the course of the next two days.

Though the weather was most unfavourable, we are delighted to report that open-air meetings were conducted in a variety of locations, including Dundalk, Drogheda, Letterkenny, Donegal Town and Ballybofey.

1000s of pieces of Gospel Literature were distributed, including copies of:

(i) the 2nd Tract that was produced for the use of the Consider Christ Campaign,

(ii) a new, short Tract on the subject of Repentance,

(iii) and DVDs containing short Gospel addresses (each address is 2-5 minutes in length).

The area covered was vast - and though it was never going to be possible to engage in a blanket coverage of the 5 Border Counties (the postal drop had done this), still the message of the Gospel was carried from Dunfanaghy on Co. Donegal's 'Atlantic Coast', right down to Sligo; through to Carrick-on-Shannon in south Leitrim; over to Monaghan and Cavan towns; and right across to the East coast in the form of Dundalk and Drogheda.

We are immensely grateful to the 60+ people who gave of their time and talents to be involved in this Outreach (including 10 ministers), and to God's people who earnestly prayed for the success of this project.

It was heartening to notice the many 'Consider Christ' billboards that were on display in all the major towns and along the main routes through these Counties; also to discover the people readily identified the 'Consider Christ' logo when approached in the street - some immediately said, "Oh, we got some of this material in the post."

A couple of journalists, (one of whom publishes a magazine for Irish speaking people), have since been in contact, asking for further details of this Campaign - and keen to publish articles on our Outreach efforts among the people of the Border Counties.

We continue to pray that the Lord alone will have been glorified through these efforts; that our hearts will be drawn to Consider Him more, and that many unconverted person will both Consider and Come to Christ.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sample From The Consider Christ Outreach DVD

200 copies of the Gospel DVD have been made today, ready for distribution to those who show some interest in our materials during our outreach weekend.

Check out a sample here (links to other segments will appear later):

Why Did Jesus Die? Rev Ian Brown from Consider Christ on Vimeo.

Monday, 22 November 2010

A NEW Smaller Tract for our Outreach Portfolio

I am quite excited to be able to tell you about a NEW tract that is now 'on the drawing board' for use in the Consider Christ Outreach into the Border Counties.

Conscious of the fact that not everyone will completely read a tract that contains 900 words (Tract #2 in the Campaign) - thankfully some will! - we are also arranging to take a small DL leaflet on the subject of Repentance:

- one side features a thought-provoking graphic designed by Jason Ramasami (see above);

- the other side contains the following relevant Scriptures:


• The first line of the first sermon that Jesus preached in public contained the command, “Repent ye, and believe the gospel” (Mark 1:14-15).

• When those in the crowd to whom Peter preached were convinced by the gospel message, they asked him what they should do, and he counselled, “Repent.” Preaching the very next day, the same Apostle declared, “Repent ye therefore, and be converted that your sins may be blotted out” (Acts 2:38; 3:19).

• As he reached the crux of his message on Mars’ Hill, Athens, the apostle Paul told his hearers that God, “now commandeth all men everywhere to repent” (Acts 17:30). To press home the urgency of this repentance, Paul explained, “Because God hath appointed a day, in the which He will judge the world in righteousness by that Man [Jesus] whom He hath ordained” (Acts 17:31).

... it is Time for you to Turn. Turn from Sin, and Turn to the Saviour.

You cannot repent too soon, because you do not know how soon it may be too late.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Revised Application Form for Outreach Weekend

The above form is revised in that the location of one of the venues for outreach is changed from Kilkeel to Monaghan.

Not a massive alteration, since news of this change is already in circulation - but we include a revised Form in the interests of accuracy.

Deadline for Applications Fast Approaching!

The deadline for application to join the Consider Christ Outreach Weekend in the Border Counties is fast approaching.

This outreach is scheduled for next weekend; Friday 26 - Lord's Day 28 November 2010.

There are two venues:

1. CEF Centre, Rossknowlagh, Co Donegal

... from this location we will reach into Co. Donegal and Co. Leitrim.

2. Four Seasons Hotel, Monaghan

... from this location we will reach into Co. Monaghan, Cavan and Louth.

Please print off the Application Form available on this blog site and return them to either of the addresses stipulated, together with your deposit of £10 (entire cost of weekend = £50).

Please note that Wednesday of this week (24 November) is the deadline for applications.


(i) We are meeting at each centre at 8pm on Friday, 26 November for fellowship and prayer;

(ii) then we intend to be on location from 10.30am - 6.00pm on Saturday,

(iii) and 11.00am - 4.00pm on the Lord's Day.

It's time to act ....... NOW!!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Tract #2 On The Drawing Board!

The second tract for use in personal outreach in the Second Phase of the Consider Christ Campaign was finalised today.

It should be printed towards the beginning of next week and will therefore be available for distribution in major towns belonging to the Five Border Counties next weekend.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Gospel Outreach DVD

12 noon was the start time for the production of a DVD to be used on Gospel Outreach in the Consider Christ Campaign.

It is hoped that this DVD will be ready for distribution when outreach teams converge on Monaghan Town and Rossknowlagh on the weekend of 26-28 November 2010.

Revs. Ian Brown, David McLaughlin, Robert Ormerod and David Smith each took turns at occupying 'the hot seat' to record messages for use on the DVD.
(Rev. Ron Johnstone had been filmed at the weekend).

Initially, the benchmark had been set at 500-800 words ... after the 'first take' some trimming was deemed necessary.

The 'finished products' last between 1 min 54 sec and 5 min 31 sec..

Titles include:

'The Gospel'

'Why Did Jesus Die?'

'The Debt Is Paid'

'Sins Forgiven'

'Behold The Lamb'

'The Alphabet of Salvation'

'Three Great Anchors.'

Come and join with us in taking the Gospel via this medium to people in the 5 Border Counties – or assist with distribution by purchasing some (at modest cost) to pass on to your unconverted friends.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Change of Venue for Consider Christ Outreach

Today we have been able to negotiate a deal with the Four Seasons Hotel in Monaghan that will allow the group that will engage in Gospel Outreach in Counties Monaghan, Cavan and Louth to stay in, and work from, the heart of this area.

So, from Kilkeel ..... to Monaghan we go!

An amended Application Form will therefore be uploaded soon!

Pray For The Success Of The Gospel

Prayer is one of the best and most powerful means of helping forward the cause of Christ in the world.

It is a means within the reach of all who have the Spirit of adoption.

Not all believers have money to give to missions. Very few have great intellectual gifts, or extensive influence among men.

But all believers can pray for the success of the Gospel, and they ought to pray for it daily.

Many and marvellous are the answers to prayer which are recorded for our learning in the Bible.

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”
(James 5:16).

[ Bishop J.C. Ryle ]

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Application Form for Outreach Weekend 2010

An Application Form for the 'Consider Christ' Outreach Weekend to the Border Counties is available for download at the following link:

Scroll down the page until you come to the downloadable PDF file.

Alternatively, you can click on the image above, enlarge it, then save and print it!

Please complete and send it back to us ASAP:

• to me, Rev. Ian Brown, if you're coming to Rossknowlagh;

• to Rev. David Smith if you're going to Kilkeel.

Every blessing!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Tracts in Circulation in Co Donegal

I was much encouraged at our Prayer Meeting tonight to discover that the 'Consider Christ' tracts are definitely going out across Donegal.

People in attendance have properties in Buncrana, Fahan, and Muff – and each have received their tracts!

This is terrific news - and shows that An Post is fulfilling their part of our contract.

Please keep much in prayer that the Gospel seed that is being sowed will result in an abundant spiritual harvest.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Week for Delivery of Tract #1 - The Alphabet of Salvation

This week is scheduled for the delivery of Tract #1 by An Post's 'Publicity Mail' department to the five border counties.

The area indicated in orange on the map above shows the area of coverage.

Approximately 200,000 Gospel Tracts will therefore be delivered across the regions of Donegal, Leitrim, Cavan, Monaghan and Louth – one into every home!

Please pray with redoubled intensity that the message of the Gospel contained in this tract will captivate and deliver lost souls to the Glory of God.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Billboard Tweaks in Preparation for 5 County Coverage

The 48-sheet Billboard design we used in last year's campaign in Northern Ireland are again being pressed into service as part of our outreach into the Five Border Counties.

During advertising cycles 23, 24 & 25, 20 Billboards will be on display.

We have managed to negotiate a much reduced fee for the billboards - and then obtained further value by doubling the time over which they will appear for a little extra cost. It's not quite a 2-for-the-price-of-1 deal, ... but it's close!

The total cost for the boards is £9,517.00.

Please pray that each will be an effective wayside messenger, pointing souls to the only Saviour, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Christ Alone is All!

There are multitudes of baptized men and women who profess to honour Christ, but in reality do Him great dishonour.

They give Christ a certain place in their system of religion, but not the place which God intended Him to fill.

Christ alone is not “all in all” to their souls.


It is either Christ and the Church, or Christ and the sacraments, or Christ and His ordained ministers, or Christ and their own repentance, or Christ and their own goodness, or Christ and their own prayers, or Christ and their own sincerity and charity, on which they practically rest their souls.

If any reader of this paper is a Christian of this kind, I warn him also plainly, that his religion is an offence to God. You are changing God’s plan of salvation into a plan of your own devising. You are in effect deposing Christ from His throne, by giving the glory due to Him to another.

J.C. Ryle – Holiness: Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties, and Roots, “Christ Is All.”

Thursday, 14 October 2010

200,000 Tracts Leave For Dublin Depot

The Consider Christ tracts for use in the door-to-door delivery by An Post left the main offices of Every Home Crusade at 4.30 this afternoon en route to Dublin.

This represented another herculean effort on the part of the staff of EHC.

Not only were they required to print and fold 200,000 tri-fold leaflets, they also were tasked with bundling them in 100s, boxing them in 1000s and sorting out surpluses for the various postal zones in the Counties of Donegal, Leitrim, Cavan, Monaghan and Louth!

We cannot thank them enough - and earnestly pray that their efforts will result in a bountiful spiritual harvest!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Creeping Towards The Target

Contributions to the 'Consider Christ Campaign, Phase 2 – The Border Counties' continue to come in.

At this moment, the account stands at £48,077.

This is less than £2000 short of our initial target – £50,000 – and represents a tremendous level of giving, especially when we consider the harsh economic climate in which we now live!

Once again, many thanks for your contributions ... we are really only 'pennies away from our target,' and it is our aim to make every penny count to the glory of our great God!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Why Does The Church Stay Indoors?!


They have a theology that has dwindled into a philosophy, in which there is:

• no thrill of faith,

• no terror of doom,

• and no concern for souls.

Unbelief has put out the fires of passion, and worldliness garlands the altar of sacrifice with the tawdry glitter of unreality."

- Samuel Chadwick (1840 -1932)

Monday, 4 October 2010


This is your chance to become involved!

The final part of Phase 2 in the 'Consider Christ Campaign - The Border Counties' is a large scale effort to take the message of the Gospel to the people living in Counties Donegal, Leitrim, Cavan, Monaghan and Louth.

To do this, Outreach Teams - ‘Consider Christ Volunteers’ - are being formed. These will work from two bases on the weekend .....

Friday 26 November
- Lord's Day 28 November 2010

BASE 1: CEF Centre, Rossknowlagh ... from which we can take the Gospel to Co. Donegal and Co. Leitrim.

BASE 2: CEF Centre, Kilkeel ... to reach into Co Louth / Monaghan / Cavan.

Price: £60 per person ... Friday / Saturday / Sunday.

Please sign up for these squads through your local church, or by contacting Rev. Ian Brown or Rev. David Smith for an Application Form.

Please come along - we need you!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

An Post Delivery: Week Commencing 25 October

An Post's distribution of the first Gospel Tract in the Consider Christ Campaign in the Border Counties is scheduled to being on the week commencing, Monday 25 October 2010.

Over the course of this week, more than 400,000 people will be reached with the message of the Gospel.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Pondering The Gospel

Christ’s death is the Christian’s life.

Christ’s cross is the Christian’s title to heaven.

Christ “lifted up” and put to shame on Calvary is the ladder by which Christians “enter into the holiest,” and are at length landed in glory.

• It is true that we are sinnersbut Christ has suffered for us.

• It is true that we deserve deathbut Christ has died for us.

• It is true that we are guilty debtorsbut Christ has paid our debts with His own blood.

This is the real Gospel! This is the good news!

On this let us lean while we live. To this let us cling when we die. Christ has been “lifted up” on the cross, and has thrown open the gates of heaven to all believers.
[J.C. Ryle]

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

How The New Text Will Appear

The front cover of the 'revised version' of Tract #1 in the 'Consider Christ' Campaign for use in the Border Counties (double click to see a full-size version).

These evangelistic leaflets will be distributed to 200,000+ homes in Counties Donegal, Leitrim, Monaghan, Cavan and Louth.

Do pray for the success of these Gospel messengers!

Irish Language Text Completed!

I have received the final version of the text for an explanation of 'The Gospel' in Irish.

For those who know the language - and for those who are simply intrigued as to how it looks - the finished text is below:

An Soiscéal
’Sé an Soiscéal teachtaireacht Dé dúinn. Is dea-scéal, nó scéal iontach é, mar réitíonn sé an fhadhb is mó a bheidh againn riamh. ’Sé sin go mbeidh orainn go léir seasamh os comhair Dé ag deireadh ár saol. Tá Dia ceart agus cóir agus tabharfaidh sé breithiúnas orainn de réir A chaighdeán atá sárfhoirfe. Ní hamháin go bhfuilimidne i bhfad ó bheith foirfe, faraoir, táimid lán den bpeaca.

’Sé dea-scéal an tSoiscéil gur mhair Íosa Críost saol a bhí lán-umhal do Dhia, géilliúil Dá dlí agus gan pheaca. Ní hamháin gur mhair Sé an saol fíorghlan sin, d’ofráil Sé É féin mar íobairt agus mar ionadaí ar an gCrois, chun ceartas Dé a shásamh. Ansin, d’aiséirigh Sé ó mhairbh mar ráthaíocht go raibh pionós ár bpeacaí íoctha aige agus go raibh A Athair cúitithe.

Ní féidir linne, trínár n-iarrachtaí féin, Dia a chúiteamh ná A shlánú a thuilleadh; ná ní féidir le haon meascán de reiligiún nó de thréaniarrachtaí aon duine é sin a bhaint amach. Níl ach aon slí amháin ann: tiontú ónár bpeaca agus ár muinín a chur i gCríost, trí chreideamh amháin. Is ansin a mhaithítear sinn go huile is go hiomlán. Sin é an an “dea-scéal” - sin é an Soiscéal.

This is a translation of:


The Gospel is God’s message to us. It is “good news” because it addresses the most serious problem we will ever have to face. The problem is that we will stand before God at the end of our life. He is holy and just, and will judge us against His perfect standard. However, not only are we far from perfect, we are all full of sin.

The good news of the Gospel is that Jesus Christ lived a life of complete obedience to God, keeping the law and doing no sin. And not only did He live that pure life, He offered Himself as a perfect sacrifice or substitute on the Cross to satisfy God’s justice. He then rose from the dead – the guarantee that He had paid the penalty for our sin and satisfied His Father.

Our own efforts cannot satisfy God and earn His salvation. Nor can any mixture of religion and works. It is only when we turn from our sin and trust in Christ alone, by faith alone, that we are freely forgiven. This is the Gospel - the Good News!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

In The Pages of 'Truth For Youth' Again

The next edition of the 'Truth for Youth' magazine will contain an update on progress in the latest phase of the 'Consider Christ' Campaign. This publication will be distributed during the first week of October.

For a preview, click on the photo above ... .

Friday, 24 September 2010

Update on Irish Translation

I received this update from my translator today:
"Hello Ian.   Just letting you know I'm nearly there.   

I've had one person okay it already but I'm waiting on a second opinion
from a man who does Gospel translations at times.

I want to be sure that it sounds natural in all the dialect regions.

The Lord bless, U.K.."

Billboards between Dundalk and Drogheda

The first two Billboards in Phase Two of the 'Consider Christ' Campaign – The Border Counties, are on display on the route between Drogheda and Dundalk.

These will soon be augmented by a further 22 Billboards that will be positioned across the five Border Counties of Donegal, Leitrim, Monaghan, Cavan and Louth.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Irish Translation of Paragraphs on 'The Gospel'

Mindful of the fact that some of the homes to which we are sending literature use Gaelic as their first language, a short summary of 'The Gospel' is presently being translated by a fluent Irish speaker.

I received this update from her yesterday:

I'm working on the translation - as with any language, a completely direct translation isn't possible or it won't make sense.

(Have you ever read those hilarious operating instructions translated from Chinese?)

Hopefully it shouldn't be too long more.

I'll be testing it on a few Irish speaking friends to make sure it's okay.

Talk to you soon, God willing."

Right now, I'm pretty excited about receiving this translation ..... even though I won't be able to decipher a single word of it!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Shoplites at Dunnes Stores, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

I took a 'quick spin' up to Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, today in order to take a few photos of the 'Consider Christ' shoplites.

These are located at both the front and side entrances to Dunnes Stores.

The other shoplites (each booked for a 4-week period) may be found at the following locations:

Co. Cavan

Cavan Town: Tescos (Front Entrance)

Cavan Town: Dunnes Stores (Main Street)

Cavan Town: Dunnes Stores (Church Street)

Co. Monaghan

Monaghan Town: Dunnes Stores (Top of stairs)

Monaghan Town: Dunnes Stores (right hand entrance from main street)

Co. Louth

Drogheda: SuperValu (Right hand side of entrance)

Drogheda: Abbey Shopping Centre (Right hand side of Main Mall)

Dundalk: Dundalk Shopping Centre (Right hand side of Mid Walkway)

Dundalk: Tescos (Rear of checkouts)

Dundalk: Dunnes Stores (Left hand side of main entrance, facing Car park)

Co. Leitrim

Carrick-on-Shannon: Tescos (right hand side of main entrance)

As we were not able to find further locations for our adverts through CBS Outdoors in Co. Leitrim, we have done the next best thing and purchased advertising space in a 'neighbouring main town' - Sligo. Shoplites are on display at:

Sligo: Dunnes Stores (Cranmore Street, left hand entrance to Dunnes)

Sligo: Tescos (Right hand side of main entrance)

Please pray earnestly that this message, displayed in prominent locations (high footfall areas), will arrest the attention of many and turn precious souls in faith and repentance to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Keep Preaching Christ Crucified!

"Let us never doubt for a moment, that the preaching of Christ crucified – the old story of His blood, righteousness, and substitution – is enough for all the spiritual necessities of all mankind.

It is not worn out.

It is not obsolete.

It has not lost its power.

We need nothing new – nothing more broad and kind – nothing more intellectual – nothing more effectual. We need nothing but the true bread of life, distributed faithfully among starving souls.

Let men sneer or ridicule as they will. Nothing else can do good in this sinful world. No other teaching can fill hungry consciences, and give them peace.

We are all in a wilderness.

We must feed on Christ crucified, and the atonement made by His death, or we shall die in our sins."

J.C. Ryle – Expository Thoughts on the Gospels: John, volume 1, [Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth, 1987], 329.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Launch Day for Consider Christ in Border Counties!

Today - Monday, 13 September 2010 - is the official 'launch date' for the 'Consider Christ' Campaign in Ireland's Border Counties.

In the first stage of this Campaign:

15 shoplite advertisements (mini-billboards as shown above) will appear across the Five Border Counties of Donegal, Leitrim, Monaghan, Cavan and Louth;

the first 2 of a series of 20+ Billboards will also be put in position.

Please pray with us that many eyes will see these 'Gospel messengers' and that many hearts will be opened to receive the truth as it is in Jesus.

£45,000 Now In Funds!

We are delighted to announce that the fund for the 'Consider Christ Campaign - Phase Two' has now gone beyond £45,000.

This represents a tremendous level of giving. To each and every contributor we say a hearty "thank you."

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sow Good Seed

Bishop J. C. Ryle counselled:

"The work of the preacher resembles that of the sower.

Like the sower, the preacher must sow good seed, if he wants to see fruit. He must sow the pure word of God, and not the traditions of the church, or the doctrines of men.

Without this, his labour will be in vain. He may go to and fro, and seem to say much, and to work much in his weekly round of ministerial duty. But there will be no harvest of souls for heaven, no living results, and no conversions."

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Tell Your Friends!

Every Gospel Campaign gives us an opportunity of inviting our friends to come with us and listen to the Word of God; to "Consider Christ."

Not that inviting people comes easily to us .... .

Robert Campbell has produced a short video that captures the situation in which we find ourselves all too often - we dearly want to invite our friends to hear about Christ, but shy away at the vital moment.

Tell your friends from Twelve Stones Media on Vimeo.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

What Is The Gospel?

A fair portion of today was spent working on a short summary statement of what the Gospel really is. Rev. Timothy Nelson was 'called in' to provide the finishing touches and, as ever, performed an excellent job!

It is envisaged that this statement will appear on the 'back cover' of the tract that will be delivered into every home in the 5 Border Counties. It will appear in both English and Irish languages, keeping in mind the fact that parts of Co. Donegal in particular still use Irish as their first language.


The Gospel is called the “good news” because it addresses the most serious problem that faces us as human beings. That problem arises because God is holy and just, and we are not. But at the end of life, it is before this just and holy God we must stand – to be judged. And we will be judged against His standard. God demands absolute conformity to His perfect law. But we are sinful and cannot provide this.

The good news of the Gospel is that Jesus Christ lived a life of complete obedience to God, on behalf of His people. He has done for helpless sinners what they couldn’t possibly do for themselves. But not only has He lived that pure life, He offered Himself, in death, as a perfect sacrifice to satisfy the fair claims of Divine justice against the law-breaker. He then rose from the dead, the guarantee that He had purged our sin and satisfied His Father.

When we stop relying on our own efforts to satisfy God, admit our sin and turn from it, and come to rest alone on Christ’s sinless person and saving work, we receive salvation. This is the Gospel – the Good News!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

This Balloon Has Travelled Over 80 Miles!

One of the 'Consider Christ' balloons that was distributed at the Apprentice Boys Parade has made the 80+ mile journey from the Maiden City to Newtownards, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

Who can tell where some of the other 400 are now positioned?

All bearing witness to Christ the Saviour.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Hundreds of Balloons with John 14:6 on Display

Mission accomplished!

Hundreds of balloons with the full text of John 14:6 and bearing the message, "Consider Christ" were distributed at the Apprentice Boys Parade in Londonderry this afternoon.

Reception was excellent!

On many occasions not only children, but mothers and fathers also, came running after us
asking for more balloons as we walked through the crowd.

It was immensely satisfying to see the multi-coloured balloons inflated and proclaiming this wonderful message along the route of the parade. No doubt many balloons will be taken home with the children – a mobile message that Christ is exclusively the Saviour of sinners.

Friday, 13 August 2010

'Consider Christ' Balloons Have Arrived!

I have just taken delivery of the first 500 'Consider Christ' balloons ... and I'm very impressed! I'm looking forward to distributing these at the parade tomorrow – and there are numerous uses to which we can put the remainder when they arrive!

£40,000 Now In The Kitty!

It is most encouraging to note that £40,000 has now been donated to the 'Consider Christ' project for the Border Counties.

This is especially commendable when we remember that this fund is building over the period when the church programme is usually at its most irregular - the summer months.

We are further encouraged to hear that churches are lifting this aspect of the work before the Lord in earnest prayer. This is vital if Christ is to be honoured in Phase 2 of this Outreach.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

'Consider Christ' Balloons on Order!

As part of our Outreach at the 2009 Apprentice Boys' Parade in Londonderry, Trudy Keys brought a bag of balloons with Scripture texts printed on them for distribution among the children who were standing by waiting for the parade.

These went down a treat!

Imagine being able to look down the line we had travelled - and balloons with Bible verses on them beginning to appear all along the parade route!!

Our thought was to buy a quantity of similar balloons for outreach at the Parade this year. However, the previous supplier had nothing other than Christmas themed balloons, or 'Smile, Jesus Loves You!' left. The quantities were also very small.

So .....

... time for a little research!

Stephen Cassells (Vision Solutions NI) phoned at a most appropriate moment; put me in contact with a Belfast printer/supplier; now I am awaiting delivery of 500 balloons (with more to come!) with the 'Consider Christ' logo on them and the full text of John 14:6 printed on them.

Consider Christ Border Counties – DVD #2

Featuring contributions from some of the organisers of this campaign - Revs. Robert Ormerod, David Smith and Jonathan Creane - this is the second DVD produced in connection with the Consider Christ Campaign in the Border Counties of Ireland.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Telling Others About Christ

I received this encouraging quote in my emails today. It is taken from the writings of Bishop J.C. Ryle:

If we have anything to tell others about Christ, let us resolve to tell it. Let us not be silent, if we have found peace and rest in the Gospel.

Let us speak to our relations, friends, families and neighbours, according as we have opportunity, and tell them what the Lord has done for our souls.

All are not called to be ministers. All are not intended to preach.

But all can walk in the steps of the man of whom we have been reading, and in the steps of Andrew, and Philip, and the Samaritan woman (John 1:41, 45; 4:29).

Happy is he who is not ashamed to say to others, “Come and hear what the Lord has done for my soul” (Psalm. 66:16).

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Edging Closer To Target

Donations from churches and individuals have now exceeded £35,000.

This is a tremendous level of giving - and brings us to within £15,000 of our target.

Many thanks to all who have contributed to this cause! May "the Lord recompense your work" (Ruth 2:12), and flood your life with His blessing.

Are We Doing What We Can For Jesus?

With the Rich in His Death
July 25, 2010

"And He made His grave with the wicked, and with the rich in His death; because He had done no violence, neither was any deceit in His mouth." (Isaiah 53:9)

It is generally recognized that the amazing 53rd chapter of Isaiah, written over 500 years earlier, is the most explicit and complete exposition of the substitutionary suffering and death of the Lord Jesus Christ in all the Bible, including even the New Testament accounts.

And this prophecy that His death and burial would be with both the "wicked, and with the rich" is surely one of the most remarkable.

How could such a prediction possibly come to pass?

Yet it did!

Unjustly condemned, not for any violent or deceitful acts, but only for telling the truth, Jesus was crucified between two wicked criminals, yet He was buried in a garden tomb lovingly built by a rich member of the council that had condemned Him to death.

Furthermore, that elaborate tomb had almost certainly been personally designed and built ahead of time by Joseph in specific anticipation of using it to fulfill Isaiah’s prophecy

That wealthy owner of the tomb lived in Arimathea and would never have built a tomb for himself or his family near Calvary, the place of crucifixion. But he and a friend on the council (Nicodemus) had somehow come to believe in Jesus and His gospel and decided they were the ones that should render this service.

Perhaps, as they looked up at the body of the Lord on the cross just before removing it for burial, they remembered His words to Nicodemus three years earlier, when He had said: "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life" (John 3:14-15).

They had indeed believed, no doubt suffering severe loss, but they had done what they could for Christ.

(Henry M Morris)

Monday, 12 July 2010

Ignited By Contact With Christ!

Elton Trueblood, the Quaker scholar, once compared evangelism to fire.

Evangelism occurs, he said, when Christians are so ignited by their contact with Christ that they in turn set other fires.

It is easy to determine when something is aflame. It ignites other material. Any fire that does not spread will eventually go out.

A church without evangelism is a contradiction in terms, just as fire that does not burn is a contradiction.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Information in Truth For Youth Magazine (Next Edition)

A tip for those within the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster who are readers of the Truth For Youth magazine:

The next edition (Summer 2010; July/August) has a page devoted to the 'Consider Christ Campaign, Phase Two – The Border Counties.'

Please read ...... and circulate the news as widely as you can!