Friday, 16 October 2009

Final Days of 'Consider Christ' Mission In Londonderry

"Time is now fleeting, the moments are passing," noted the hymnwriter. How accurate he is!

We have tried to harness the momentum generated by the province-wide 'Consider Christ' campaign by organising a two-week Gospel Mission in Londonderry. This commenced on Lord's Day, 4 October – the day our bus adverts were officially due to come to an end.

Those two weeks are now accelerating to their close.

Only two meetings left!

Tonight, I will be joined in the pulpit by two of the other organisers in the 'Doing Something More For God / Consider Christ' Campaign:

Rev. Robert Ormerod, who has been the evangelist throughout the Gospel Mission, will again be preaching (several of his messages have already been uploaded to Sermon Audio – – others will be put onto this site in due course);

Rev. David McLaughlin is coming along to testify. I have heard a brief outline of his testimony from his daughter; this has whetted my appetite to hear more of what the Lord has done in his life.

Many visitors have attended the mission, with numbers rising throughout this second week.

Please pray with us that the good seed being faithfully and passionately sown will yield an abundant harvest.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Is It Worth While?

"Is it worth while?" is the title of a mini-article I read today.

It came from a most unusual source.

Yesterday afternoon my wife was given a copy of a small 'Magazine,' published by the Londonderry Baptist Church in September 1951.

On page 2 this brief illustration is reprinted from 'The Messenger':

"It is said that in the mines of South Africa 400 tons of dirt must be removed to get one ounce of diamond.

If we win only one soul to Christ with all our efforts, will it not be worth while?

Each sinner is a diamond in the rough, even though we do have to move lots of dirt to get to him."

I applied this to our 'Consider Christ' Campaign – and rejoice that with at least 2 souls led to the Saviour as a direct result of the Campaign so far, it has been all worth while!

'Consider Christ' Tract #2 (Rev. Colin Mercer)

In one of his first messages in the Greenville SC pulpit, Rev. Colin Mercer has preached on the words of Isaiah 55 – the text he used as a basis for writing the second tract for our 'Consider Christ' campaign.

Tune in and hear this quality gospel message, delivered with passion and blessing.