Tuesday, 13 April 2010

'Consider Christ' Campaign for Border Counties

During the course of the ‘Consider Christ’ Campaign in Northern Ireland, I received several ‘Macedonian Calls’ from our ministers who are labouring in the South of Ireland to, “Come over and help us.”

Had sufficient funds been available at that time, we would have been delighted to do so.

At the most recent meeting of the Government & Morals Committee, a decision was taken to bring a fresh proposal to Presbytery in order to take the ‘Consider Christ’ Campaign forward to a new stage and so carry the message of grace beyond our borders.

Our desire is to take the Gospel to all five border counties, including:

County Population (2006)

Donegal 146,956

Monaghan 55,816

Cavan 63,961

Louth 110,894

Leitrim 28,950

This represents a total population of 406,577 people.

I have made contact with both Advertising Companies that helped us with the ‘Consider Christ’ Campaign in Northern Ireland. They have stated that advertising costs in the South of Ireland are much higher than in Northern Ireland, but assured me that they have a portfolio of both billboards (large 48-sheet size) and shoplites (smaller 6-sheet boards) that could be used by us in any proposed Campaign.

Revs. Jonathan Creane and Larry Power have made enquiries re delivering a Gospel tract to every home by means of a postal drop. We were charged £39 per 1000 leaflets through Royal Mail; for Co. Donegal, the price is a rather hefty 113 Euros per 1000. (Thankfully the price is lower for the other four counties).

Our thought is that an extensive Campaign could be conducted
in these five border counties if we were able to raise the sum of 50,000 euros.

This would include:

Postal Drop (the main 'Consider Christ' tract being taken to every home in these five counties);

15 Billboards (3 main towns in each county - and 1 billboard in each of those towns);

Regional Rallies (a Gospel Rally in each of the counties).

The price of this project is brought into perspective when we consider that the Gospel can be brought to each person in these five border counties for an outlay that amounts to little more than 10 cents per person.

Given the fact that the faith of the Roman Catholic population has been rocked to its foundations due to the various clerical scandals that have brought untold disgrace - and taking ‘soundings’ from our brethren who have engaged in evangelism at recent Ploughing Championships, it is our conviction that the South of Ireland is now a field, “white already unto harvest.”

This presents us with further opportunity to, “Do Something More For God.”

Presbytery has now approved the extension of the ‘Consider Christ’ Campaign to the five border counties in principle: whether we will be able to realise the full extent of this project depends on raising the necessary finance.

Do pray with us that the funds will be obtained for this project - that the Lord would touch people's hearts to give generously.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Big News About To Break!

After another period of relative inactivity, a big news story about the 'Consider Christ' Campaign is now on the horizon.

All will be revealed within the next few days ..... it's worth staying tuned for this one!

Meantime, buses bearing our adverts still comb the country: Newtownards, Portrush and Portstewart are venues where these buses have been spotted within the last few days.