Saturday, 14 August 2010

Hundreds of Balloons with John 14:6 on Display

Mission accomplished!

Hundreds of balloons with the full text of John 14:6 and bearing the message, "Consider Christ" were distributed at the Apprentice Boys Parade in Londonderry this afternoon.

Reception was excellent!

On many occasions not only children, but mothers and fathers also, came running after us
asking for more balloons as we walked through the crowd.

It was immensely satisfying to see the multi-coloured balloons inflated and proclaiming this wonderful message along the route of the parade. No doubt many balloons will be taken home with the children – a mobile message that Christ is exclusively the Saviour of sinners.

Friday, 13 August 2010

'Consider Christ' Balloons Have Arrived!

I have just taken delivery of the first 500 'Consider Christ' balloons ... and I'm very impressed! I'm looking forward to distributing these at the parade tomorrow – and there are numerous uses to which we can put the remainder when they arrive!

£40,000 Now In The Kitty!

It is most encouraging to note that £40,000 has now been donated to the 'Consider Christ' project for the Border Counties.

This is especially commendable when we remember that this fund is building over the period when the church programme is usually at its most irregular - the summer months.

We are further encouraged to hear that churches are lifting this aspect of the work before the Lord in earnest prayer. This is vital if Christ is to be honoured in Phase 2 of this Outreach.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

'Consider Christ' Balloons on Order!

As part of our Outreach at the 2009 Apprentice Boys' Parade in Londonderry, Trudy Keys brought a bag of balloons with Scripture texts printed on them for distribution among the children who were standing by waiting for the parade.

These went down a treat!

Imagine being able to look down the line we had travelled - and balloons with Bible verses on them beginning to appear all along the parade route!!

Our thought was to buy a quantity of similar balloons for outreach at the Parade this year. However, the previous supplier had nothing other than Christmas themed balloons, or 'Smile, Jesus Loves You!' left. The quantities were also very small.

So .....

... time for a little research!

Stephen Cassells (Vision Solutions NI) phoned at a most appropriate moment; put me in contact with a Belfast printer/supplier; now I am awaiting delivery of 500 balloons (with more to come!) with the 'Consider Christ' logo on them and the full text of John 14:6 printed on them.

Consider Christ Border Counties – DVD #2

Featuring contributions from some of the organisers of this campaign - Revs. Robert Ormerod, David Smith and Jonathan Creane - this is the second DVD produced in connection with the Consider Christ Campaign in the Border Counties of Ireland.