Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Outreach in Dublin

On Saturday 29th January, an outreach team of five young people travelled to Dublin via the train. 

Three of us met in Belfast and a further two joined us on the train at Portadown. 
The team comprised Aaron Fitzsimons, Andrew Simpson, Rachel Crawford, Henry Anderson and Clive Keys.

We arrived in Dublin just after nine o’clock. First, we had a look around for some suitable open-air locations. Then, we ate breakfast and headed out to hold the first of four open-air services.

The open-airs consisted of 'Bible Shots' (each team member reading a verse of scripture which God has used to speak to them or one that tells a simple Gospel truth) and then either Aaron or Andrew preaching a short, yet direct Gospel message. During the preaching a few team members would hand out tracts.

Henry led one of the meetings and gave his testimony at another, while Rachel and Clive also gave their testimonies, telling of God's saving grace in their lives!
 We believe each of these, were blessing to the hearts of some lost soul passing by!

“I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase” (1 Corinthians 3:6).

We pray that the planting, the watering and God speaking will prove to have been fulfilled on Saturday!

As a team and as individuals we did have to opportunity of speaking one-to-one with a number of people.

• God blessed Clive with the opportunity of witnessing to a man called Mark from England. He has a background of drug abuse, but there and then, during our first open air he gave his life to the Lord! We ask you to pray for this man that he would to grow in Christ, and also for Clive as he remains in contact with him.

• We also came across a Muslim called Owen. He stood and listened to what had been said during one of the open airs and, showing interest in what had been said, came over to ask more.
He was a young Irish man that claims to have tried many different religions and belief systems, ranging from Baptist to Mormonism. He also mentioned that he had read the 'Consider Christ' tracts from the leaflet drop that took place in Autumn last year!

A long conversation followed, one which took the form of a debate. Personally, after speaking with Owen, the confidence I have in Christ has not only stood fast, but it has been strengthened by the lack of evidence he showed for this lost faith.

• One other older man, Thomas, who I had the chance to engage in conversation with, wanted to understand what we preached - seeking knowledge however does not save a man. He had many problems with the Catholic Church which he belonged to, but those problems were set alongside problems he had with Protestant churches. Unfortunately his view of Protestantism has most likely been tainted by the teachings and actions of unbiblical 'so called' Protestant churches.
He seemed eager to know more, so I directed him to www.sermonaudio.com where he will be able to hear the true, faithful word of God being preached!

At times, the government acted as a deterrent to the Word when we were told, that we would be fined if we continued to evangelise through the handing out of leaflets!

In saying that, the overall response to the Gospel tracts given out was indifferent. Some took and kept them (possibly in fear of a €100 fine). However, others with the fine in view didn't litter the streets, but unfortunately filled the bins!

God's work has its ups and downs, we can only pray that those who kept the word will read it, and that God would speak to them and convict them of their sins!

The last open air was held at about 4:00pm and after a cup of coffee and a long-awaited rest we made our way back to the train station for 9.00pm. 
The journey home was expected to be quick, however, due to bomb scares in the North we experienced a short delay and a detour, causing us to get off the train in Newry and travel back to Belfast on a bus!

We would ask you to continually pray for the people of the South of Ireland as this campaign to win lost souls continues! Pray especially for the individuals mentioned in this short report.

We can and must pray, but when given the opportunity, let us also DO!

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also” (James 2:26).